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The Benefits of Drills for Homeschoolers

Drills for homeschoolers are tools every homeschool parent should consider. They are a great resource for solidifying lesson information. Parts or all of many subjects can be broken down into sections until the process is learned. Arithmetic basics are one of the easiest and most beneficial to turn into homeschool drills.

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Should I Use a Tutor to Teach My Homeschooled Child?

One option to getting your child the training he needs is to hire a certified tutor, off-duty classroom teacher or other type of educator. These learned individuals can cover subjects you feel ill-equipped to cover personally in your child’s curriculum. From covering advanced concepts in math, for example, to your child pursuing a talent with which you have no experience, to learning an interesting hobby, help from a private tutor or teacher is a way to give your child certain tools to learn exciting new subjects.

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What’s the Difference between Homeschooling and Road-Schooling, World-Schooling, DeSchooling and UnSchooling?

When it comes to understanding the difference between homeschooling, roadschooling, worldschooling, deschooling and unschooling, keep in mind that “homeschooling” is an over-arching term for all styles of home-based teaching. De-schooling is a process of transition between a traditional school setting and a home school setting.

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How Do I Begin Homeschooling?

Whether it was the pandemic that made you want to start homeschooling or some other reason, you may find that home education is an excellent choice for you and your children. The first thing to remember is: don’t be afraid. There is a common misconception which tries to tell us that a person has to be a certified teacher in order to be a good homeschool mom or dad, and that if you’re not a trained teacher, you will fail at homeschooling. This is not the case!

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